Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Rachel's wonderful Winterguard performance

This past Saturday we got to see Rachel and Carli perform as part of 11th Annual Winterguard Show. Having gone to school in NYC I had no idea what to expect-we had nothing like this at my school. It was pretty amazing:each school's presentation had a distinctly different feel to it. Some were very Martha Graham, others could have been part of an opening/closing ceremony of the Olympics while others seemed to be influenced by the art of ice dancing. The piece that Rachel & Carli did was very balletic & graceful , done to moving music and spoken word & they had this wonderful transition where their costumes (& flags ) went from brown to green to signify change: the way leaves change from green to brown.
I was very impressed and would love to go see it again.I was also very proud of my cousin Rachel (!) & am so glad to see she did not inherit the family "shy gene" that I had in spades when I was her age.
The best part was-there was this wonderful uplifting vibe in the gymnasium. While it was a competition of sorts-you had the feeling everyone was cheering each other on and enjoying being together. It was really cool and if you get the chance be sure to check out one of their performances.
(You can see more photos of this night on Maria's & my (new) facebook page.)
And we got to spend some time with Maggie-good dog!

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